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Acoustic Enclosure
Acoustic Enclosures are the best soundproofing solutions that are widely used for the industrial applications to minimize or completely remove the vibration sounds produced by the high speed machines such as generators, engines and turbines.
Acoustic Doors
We are one of the best manufacturer and supplier of Acoustic Doors that are designed and developed by our team of skilled engineers by using premium quality sound absorbing wood and metal to reduce the stray noise levels in large halls, theatre and auditoriums. 
Noise Barriers
Noise Barriers availed by us are engineered as per the architectural standards that make them highly durable, rigid, and capable to minimize the sound levels. These structures are commonly used along the roads, highways and railway and traffic bridges.
Acoustic Partitions
Acoustic Partitions manufactured and supplied by our company are most commonly used in sound studios, libraries and various other large sized areas where it is required to eliminate the stray noises to maintain zero disturbance.  
Automotive Noise Test Booth
Noise Test Booths are the testing rooms that are widely used in various industries for the testing of many different types of products such as speakers and other sound and noise producing machines. They are available in many different sizes that are designed as per the requirements of the customers.
Architectural Interior Acoustics
Commercial / Architectural Interior Acoustic are the structural units that are used for the construction of the soundproof walls and roofs for the soundproofing of the area and prevents the refection of the sound waves to reduce disturbance. 
Anechoic Wedges
Anechoic Wedges are the custom made large foam elements that are used in various acoustic applications to absorb sound and noise signal. They are manufactured by using top quality materials which ensures high absorption rate.

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